Client Testimonials 

The Berry Patch's owner Craig Morris talks about the Lean journey of this Turners Beach success story.

'The Berry Patch has embarked on a continuous improvement process throughout our business.

This has largely been driven by my belief that our business and our industry needs to improve our customer service and the delivery of value to them. This process will result in a better customer experience and our products should be more competitively priced and consistent in quality.

I expect our business to gain from a more content and engaged workforce and a more efficient operation due to a reduction in waste. I also believe that if this process is widely adopted in our region it can help us to be recognised as the premier destination for nature and agri tourism. 
Our experiences with the Lean Leaders training course has been very positive, the SWE in particular has demonstrated, even to the sceptics that by continuous incremental improvements we can overcome many obstacles and improve our output whilst enjoying our work and reducing frustrations. We are seeing the training and understanding of the process result in a lot of increased efficiencies. Our storage areas are much smaller and easier to manage, our work processes are more consistent and simpler to train for a new operator. Our staff are implementing changes themselves and these are evolving as they are tested and improved.

The staff at Productivity Improvers have been very helpful. Their belief and enthusiasm for the Lean Process is very genuine and once our staff have completed the training this enthusiasm becomes infectious.
We still have a long way to go, not everyone is yet fully onboard but we are moving in a very satisfying direction.
I recommend this training to anyone considering implementing a Lean strategy and welcome any enquiries regarding The Berry Patch’s Lean journey.'

Craig Morris