Client Testimonials 

Productivity Improvers have been delivering Lean Production System training at Gemco Rail W.A. for some years now, and recently used the Lean Car Game to share concepts which the Gemco Team could test before taking them to their workplace.


Results from the Gemco Rail 2030 Strategy feedback sessions called out the need for improved teamwork and further Lean training. The team at Forrestfield organised some off-site training sessions that addressed these issues. The training involves the team manufacturing a model racing car. It is an interactive training system used to promote Lean Production System principles and enhance continuous improvement initiatives. Learning is enhanced through using a hands-on approach, the training has a much higher success rate than sitting in a classroom environment. The training is designed to improve the participates knowledge in the following

• Team building.
• Effective communication.
• Cross functional collaboration.
• Productive planning.
• Leading effective teams.
• Continuous improvement initiatives, including 5S.
• One piece flow production systems.
• Identify and reduce waste.
• Value stream mapping.
• Root cause analysis.
• Supply chain effectiveness.
• Reduce process variability.
• Active listening and idea generation.
• Identifying and setting performance targets.
• Acting decisively.
The concepts presented in the Lean Car game relate directly to the Lean Production System training that Productivity Improvers have been delivering at Gemco Rail and provides the team with the ability to test out the theories before taking them to the workshop/workplace.
These exercises and observations provide the class with discussion material that will be used to explore:
• Value Adding and Non-Value Adding activities associated with each flow type, learning to identify the 9 wastes of Lean
• Effects of each flow on quality,
• Ideas that form the basis for continuous improvement and Kaizen event ideas
• Teamwork and the importance of everyone’s input of ideas
• Work balance and Takt Time concepts
• Point of Use (POU) shop inventories and tool storage methods
• Value stream mapping and spaghetti mapping techniques
• The value of standard work procedures

The feedback from the participants was very favourable, below are some examples of the feedback provided.

“Great course really enjoyed it.
The use of production line was very good.
It was interesting to see the big differences small changes made to the end outcome thanks”

“First of all, thanks for the training you provided me!
I leant today, how the systematic working arrangements make work very easy and safely.
Also feels very good quality can be achieved. “

“In my opinion, it is a very good course, and I would like to participate in further
It was good team spirit, and it should continue in the workplace as well to help make Gemco Rail a better place to work! “

“I think today’s training was useful and I would be happy to do this in the future!”

“Great job boys, a lot learnt today. Enjoyed it fully. A lot of stuff I did not know.”

“I think the best technique I’ve learnt about in this training is to listen/Co Operate & team work to make any job easy.
Listen to anyone’s idea and apply to any job”