Client Testimonials 

    Great feedback from Cradle Coast Authority staff after their training in 2017 

'Hi Clynton,

Just to provide a bit of positive feedback on the delivery of your training.

You used a combination and mixed of training tools and methods (powerpoint and booklet for visual learners), you asked questions for group participation which facilitated adult learning, used SWE which made learning hands-on and practical for tactile learners, quizzes which made learning fun yet inclusive and encouraging at the same time.  You engaged everyone in discussions and had us working in groups so no one felt exposed or threatened if they struggled to put pen to paper (You provided a ‘safe’ learning environment).  You are genuine in your enthusiasm for productivity improving for the workers/employees and not just about helping businesses make more money (get more from less) and you are honest about who you are and your journey. 

I know you haven’t asked for a score but I thought I will give one for your training delivery : 9/10 (Just so you know where you stand haha and can continuously improve ;p and FYI, I am a harsh critic, because having been a training facilitator, I am very respectful of participants’ time and am easily annoyed at trainers with little understanding about how adults learn)          

And please thank Leigh Whiteley (I haven’t got his new email address) Simon and I had a great time at Wynyard with Richard Harding, to see LEAN operating in real workplace, we asked tons of questions.   

Thanks again for the past three days.

Best regards,

Nani Clark B.Ec
Regional Development Project Officer'

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