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Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia
08 April 2020
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Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia engaged the services of Productivity Improvers in 2018 to assist implementation of our Quality Mission Statement into our Total Service Solution Business.

As recommended by Productivity Improvers & as part of BMSA culture of developing people, Productivity Improvers firstly conducted Lean Entry Training to key operational staff nationwide across our major facilities. Not only did this training deliver basic Lean education and a great understanding of the Lean Principles, Practises & Tools to create customer value, but the key focus & benefit was on delivering results. 
Each session resulted in immediate improvements to our operational processes; these were achieved not only by the progressive interactive approach from the trainer but also by Productivity Improvers utilising the Lean tools learnt in these sessions (GEMBA – GO SEE ACT) where staff identified areas for improvement & implement that change.
These sessions were more than informative but in some cases,  life changing for numerous staff members.
As part of BMSA Lean journey, over 25 key business leaders have had the privilege of attending the SWE with Productivity Improvers in their state-of-the-art training facility in Burnie. The SWE enabled BMSA staff practical learning & understandings of Lean methodologies and their application in an operational environment. Staff members from all areas & roles in the business attended. These sessions had a huge effect in empowering our leaders to not only improve their immediate job role & responsibilities but those in their circle of influence at work and home. 
I would personally like to thank Productivity Improvers for their guidance, professionalism & personal approach, which has already delivered major improvements in BMSA solutions business. I look forward to working with Productivity Improvers into the future to help develop our people & continue to improve our customer value.


Andy Gee
Production Manager
Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia 2019