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Elphinstone - Simulated Work Environment (SWE)

The SWE is an interactive training system used to promote Lean Production System principles and enhance continuous improvement initiatives.
The Elphinstone SWE is the only facility of its kind in Australia, and is located in the
Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council’s Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Burnie, Tasmania.

Lean Leader SWE 3 Day Training

This three-day (2.5 days) learning experience is completed using the Elphinstone SWE and is an excellent example of how through applying lean thinking and tools a team can become significantly more productive and cost effective, whilst improving quality and identifying and reducing safety issues.  This hands-on, interactive session can be transferred to all work environments and covers the following: 

• Team Building

• Communication 

• Planning 

• Team Collaboration 

• Leading Effective Teams 

• Continuous Improvement (Lean methodologies including 5S) 

• Visual Management


Day 1 Learn the basics of Lean and prepare for the SWE
Day 2 Participate in the Elphinstone Simulated Work Environment
Day 3 (Morning only) Reflective learning and Industry Tour


This 3 Day course can be customised as accredited or non accredited training for your staff. If accredited, through the Australian Maritime College (RTOID 60131), there may be opportunity for funding support for Tasmanian students. 

Tailored Training

Our training and assessment is provided on behalf of Australian Maritime College (RTOID 60131) and People Improvers Pty Ltd (RTOID 45208). Qualifications are MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices, MSS40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices and skill sets including units from these qualifications.


Business coaching is a type of human resource development. In order to improve the personal effectiveness of individuals or groups in your business setting, Productivity Improvers provides positive support, feedback and advice.

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