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The below is an excert from the William Adams Business Improvement Group newsletter 'Good News Story.'    Great Team - Great Results - Good News

In November the second team of Williams Adams employeers participate in the Lean Simulated Work Environment (SWE) in South Burnie in Tasmania. Participants included senior managers, branch managers, parts representatives, service managers, supervisors, PSSRS, and admin staff. The team first undertook some Lean familiarisation training and then got stuck into the simulation.

Over three rounds the teams made many simple improvements to their work areas and work tasks to better balance the flow of cabs around the production line. The outcomes speak for themselves! Significant increases in performance were seen across People, Quality, Velocity and Cost..

The simulation has direct application in our work at the branches and in the offices. It shows that eliminating small upsets and problems in the workplace can have a big impact on people's productivity and performance. Making work smooth, steady and easy to do means that we feel better about our workplace and have time to make even more improvements.