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Coastal business leaders claim change is key to a brighter future

Teaching staff to spot waste and understand why processes are important can improve efficiency, various business people agree.

Four business leaders gave presentations at yesterday's Lean to the future forum at UTAS Cradle Coast Campus.

They promoted "Lean" - a thought process that Toyota adopted last century - which concusses on improving efficiency and productivity while meeting customer demands.

The process is define, measure, analyse, improve, control - repeat.

Among the speakers at the forum was Simplot Australia production manager Courtney Sutton. Mr Sutton encouraged business people to learn from each other.

He said if everyone shared information everyone would benefit.

"It's necessary to change," Mr Sutton said. "The North West Coast needs to change."

He said local rivals could learn from each other to improve their chances in global markets.

Other speakers were Paul Niven, VDL Company, Brendon Williams, Caterpillar Underground Mining and Les Souster, James Boags Brewery.

One of those talked about educating staff to spot waste.

If staff can spot waste everywhere, they will be encouraged to eradicate it.

Another speaker said staff should know why certain processes were required to meet customers' needs.